Montag, Februar 15, 2016

Time to rethink the AjaxEngine

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The HTML world is about to step into a new era. A step that was prepared long ago. Everyone can see that the browser will be the home of more modern applications, responsive games, interactive media and enriched content.

The AjaxEngine in contrast was staying there for more than 5 years with almost no change even still many people use it or parts of it. During the last years buxes where fixed and adopting new browsers was implemented by changing as few as possible.

But time has changed:

  • The main driver is HTML version 5 standard (HTML5) that is broadly excepted and implemented in almost all the browsers almost completely.
  • HTML5 and the HTML predecessors have a long history since W3C started more than 20 years ago.
  • On 28. of October 2014 the HTML5 standard was pushed in the state of a recommendation (HTML 4.01 was in 1999) and the great companies Apple, Google and Microsoft have been involved and accepted.
  • When using the latest browser version HTML5 is running fine and only some features still are not x-browser compatible.
  • All the internert browser applications have changed their update strategy from yearly releases to continuous improvements.
  • Along with the core HTML5 standard further and complementary technologies have been developed.

There have been a lot of confusing standard discussions around. Many IT-religious questions have been discussed and quasi standards where published on various web-sides. Now that seems to be over. And more than just a standard agreement I see that it gets implemented in a serious and reliable way.

Applause to that great work !
... because it makes my life an an web developer easier than before !

You will see things going on in the AjaxEngine and old implementation approaches will be replaced. You can see thins on my web site but I will also release a version on Github and will drop supporting

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