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More OpenAjax compatible components

The PersistCookie control

OpenAjax events are not persistent. The specification is based on the fact that the subscribers are informed just in time when the event was published. But by using cookies the passed values can survive a page refresh or even some days.

In some applications it is important that the values that where published by OpenAjax events and have changed the web application in a specific way are presenting the state of the client. With the PersistCookie control it is possible to save these simple values into cookies and makes them available when the page is reloaded the next time the page loads by publishing a new OpenAjax event. By using this control it is possible to reload a page in the state that was given when the user visited it the last time or when using the refresh button.

Using this functionality is easy by just including a ASP.NET control like this:

<ajax:PersistCookie runat="server" eventnamespace="jcl" eventname="view" />

The control is designed for persisting the values of multiple eventnames of the same eventnamespace and is providing a mechanism for default values in the case of a first time load of the page.

Using Cookies

Cookies do not have a namespace based mechanism as we can see in the OpenAjax hub specification so the names that are used within the cookies will not contain the namespace used by the OpenAjax event but will only use the local eventname.

Another advantage of not using the namespace to build cookie names is a better use of the available storage space of cookies.

If you have to store values by using the same name multiple times in your web application it is important that the part of each used cookie value is more specific than the standard root. The PersistCookie control therefore uses the current url of the page, extracts the folder part of it and uses this as the path to store the cookies. So, in most cases you will not have to specify the path attribute of this control.


This attribute can be used for specifying the namespace that contain the to be persisted events.

The default namespace is set to "jcl".


This attribute can contain a list of event names together with the default values. Then event names are separated by semicolons and the default values are appended to the names using the equal sign.


This attribute specifies a specific path for the cookie. If this attribute is not set the current url of the page is used to build a path that specifies the current folder. This avoids conflicts with other cookies used on the same web site.

You will have to set this attribute only if you want to share cookies over multiple pages in different folders.


This attribute specifies how long the cookie values should be stored.

If this attribute is not set the values are only kept in memory while the browser remains open.


<ajax:PersistCookie runat="server" eventnamespace="jcl" eventname="view" />
<ajax:PersistCookie runat="server" eventname="kosten=120000;jahre=4;kapital=999" runat="server" expire="2" />

You can find the implementation here:

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