Donnerstag, Dezember 27, 2007

Useful OpenAjax Event Logger

While working on further adopting the OpenAjax event mechanism I wrote this small JavaScript include file that helps inspecting the current OpenAjax events.

It is implemented by using a single JavaScript include file that can be found at (view source).

It is easy to include this file into ANY web page by using a small JavaScript link (a.k.a. bookmarklet) that you can type into the address bar or save as a link in your favorites:

Create any Link in your favorites, or the link bar and name it for example like this:

Here is the url that you can paste into the url field in the property dialog of the link.


There will be one dialog that warns you about the fact that the url is using JavaScript (an unregistered program - what means that ?) and that this may be unwanted. But in this case it is what we need.

You can open any of the sample pages from the and try it.

If you click on the link you just created a extra area will be appended at the bottom of the page and all OpenAjax events will be shown in there.


If you like to know more about bookmarklets you can google this term and you will find a lot more tricks.

My favorite is:


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