Montag, September 03, 2007

The plan for Q3/2007

I've got some mails that have asked about the future of the AjaxEngine framework and here are some statements on that topic:

I will support and extend the framework in the future so companies and other open source projects that reuse it will have the support I can give. Some of the current topics that I'll hope to finish this month are:

  • OpenAjax compatibility for all controls including a InterOp fest compatibility test case.
  • Extending the functionality and the documentation of the Ajax form and the data controls.
  • Writing some more input helpers.
  • Writing about all of it...

I will make a beta version then and have some weeks to get the new functionality stable before publishing a new version.

You can always see the current implementation state in the svn based OpenSource repository at Sourceforge:

as well as the demo site that will also be based on the current version under development.

If anyone wants to add some core directly to the project instead of sending me mails let me know. 

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