Samstag, Februar 24, 2007

JavaScript Behavior Tutorial

The complete Tutorial is now online.

If you worry about too much JavaScript fragments in too many places you need a concept of reusing client side functionality on a component level.

This is a step by step instruction for building a new client side component by using the JavaScript behavior mechanism. It is first implemented without using any server side help by only implementing JavaScript in a plain html file. Later it is evolved into an ASP.NET user control.

See how to implement JavaScript behaviors from the scratch.

New release of the framework and samples

The zip files with the complete framework and samples have also been updated today: (1.367 kByte) This Zip-File contains the ASP.NET 2.0 web project that builds this side. The complete AJAX Engine and all samples are included. Use this project when you want to start building your AJAX web application. (159 kByte) This Zip-File contains the core files of the AJAX engine and the AJAX controls. You can use this if you want to update your project with the updated core files.