Sonntag, Mai 28, 2006

Update to the back-button and history implementation

The last past was about implementing a back-button and local history support to the AJAX Engine.

I've added 2 attributes to the PropHistory web control that can be declared to avoid some scripting on the page:

<ajax:PropHistory runat="server" stateList="version,book,chapter" propList="vers" />

stateList specifies the page properties that together form the current state of the page. A change to the value of any of these properties will cause a new entry in the history of the browser.

propList specifies the page properties that are persisted in the hash part of the url so that hyperlinks will work.

The implementation takes care of the fact that all properties in the statList must also be part of the url but you don't have to specify them again in the propList attribute.

The download files where updated today too. contains the ASP.NET 2.0 web project that builds the side. The complete AJAX Engine and all samples are included. Use this project when you want to start building your AJAX web application. This Zip-File contains the core files of the AJAX engine and the AJAX controls. You can use this if you want to update your project with the updated core files.

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