Montag, April 03, 2006

Why AJAX needs visual effects

Implementing a web based application by using AJAX techniques is about improving the backside, will elable the right user experience and will make your application work the way it should.

If you want that your application really looks like AJAX you also have to give your application a modern design together with all kinds of visual effects. That will really impress!

Don't you think that this is nonsense ? - I did for some time last year but I had to change my mind - at least a little bit.

Visual effects are definitvely an important aspect for AJAX applications today. Maybe the "market" will learn the technical difference in some near future. Maybe a "get-it-all-together" solution is the right approach for the "market".

So here is a list of visual effects and other "cool" looking stuff. Some of these effects can also be used in any other html based application, some of them will use AJAX. I'll explain the HTML+CSS+JavaScript that makes the effect but I will also bring the higher level approach using ASP.NET web controls that makes using them really easy.

AJAX applications look great! :-)

So here comes a library of visual effects. From time to time I will add another one and you will find them also on the demo side at see Examples -> Visual Effects .

The documentation you will find here on my blog and (with a little delay) in the AJAX eBook at You will not find only a working solution but also a brief description on how it works so you can also use it in any of your projects too.

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