Samstag, März 04, 2006

SOAP was made for AJAX

I recently ran over the blog of Dave Winer and his post from Sun, Sep 12, 1999 titled "An end to the Über-Operating System". see:

... The purpose of both specs [SOAP and XML-RPC] is to enable scripted web applications to cross operating system boundaries.

Of course the term AJAX was not known then but I thing that "scripted web applications that cross operating system boundaries" is a good definition of AJAX. By using SOAP there even is more XML on the wire than with AJAX applications using a JSON or plain text transport protocol.

Ask yourself: what is or should be the standard protocol for AJAX applications when retrieving data from the server? - By using SOAP many aspects of a transport layer have been discussed (data types, attachments ...) and there are even more upcoming standard extensions for it (security, routing ...).

The only thing that I really miss is a built-in native SOAP client in browsers.

The (deprecated) SOAP spec from 1999: I think that this doc is one of the most influencing documents I've read. It disappeared from the Microsoft site and Does anybody know who feels responsible for achieving historical documents from the internet?

Thanks to Don Box, Dave Winer and all the other founders of SOAP.

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