Donnerstag, September 01, 2005

Project Site Update

This was a long week, not writing text but code. I updated the AJAX Aspects project side and I hope you find it more useful. It got more structure and there is now a good place to start the next steps.

  • I decided to clarify the conditions for using this work and added a statement and link to the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Germany License. Now it’s clear hat anyone can use it also for commercial projects. Please list my name in your license conditions.
  • I separated the pre-AJAX samples (part 1) from the AJAX samples (part 2). Old links might not work any more.
  • The third part of the project is building reusable AJAX components – AJAX Controls. Some samples are already on the side so if you are curious go and find them.
  • I added a "Impressum" and you can find my E-Mail address in there more easily. It’s a gif file so spiders do not reach me too easily.

I hope you like it :-)

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